remember back when we used to release christmas song's every year? just about? great! now guess what? we're back!

this idea of recording christmas songs stems from matthew's incredibly long standing tradition to make a seasonal e.p with his dad every december since the turn of the century, the results of which then inflicted upon close family members each year to varied /to little aclaim.

IHB recorded one of matthew's dad's songs for a christmas comp. cd in 2006, the year we first started and same year we released our first single, Lights In The Trees.

we next recorded a version the amazing NRBQ christmas original, Christmas Wish, in 2008 and from then on, whenever we could find ourselves together in our studio for an day in december we'd endeavour to write and record something, in the spirit of christmas, a small gift from us to you! as our ambition grew, Ffion, who makes the bands artwork, then started to hand make very small numbers of amazing felt decorations to attatch the music too, sadly our ambition ate itself, and we spent many years since in silent recovery, yet perhaps it's something we will return too one day...!

so, since 2015 we have made an yet to released album and played only a few gigs, but we did manage this year to get together and Lights In The Trees [Inside Your Home]was writen and recorded on dec. 12th 2021. as you'll hear, it's very much influenced by our talk of the Get Back doc. we'd just been watching. there should be a prize for whoever can spot every one of the many tenious links and references, more on this tbc.

we hope you have a good christmas and enjoy time to be with those you closest to you.

peace, love and the beatles,

matthew, jack, will, paul





2006 - Christmas On The Square

2008 - Christmas Wish / Sometimes The Snow

2009 - Christmas At The Zoo / Sometimes It's Santa

2010 - Ding Dong Ding Dong / Christmas In Stars Hollow / Happy Christmas War Is Over / Dear Santa / Wonderful Christmas Time / Sometimes It's Christmas

2011 - Space In The Place / Christmas Falls / Who Loves The Snow / Christmas Alone In Space / It's Christmas Time

2012 - Snow Angel / Snow Falls / Snow Globe

2013 - Happy Christmas 2013

2014 - Snow Fall / Winter Sun / Floating A Sleigh / Snow Falls On Zuma Beach / Reindeers In Reverse

2021 - Lights In The Trees [Inside Your Home]