• The members of It Hugs Back have now spent half of their lives making music together. Friends since school, guitarist/singer Matthew Simms and bassist Paul Michael first formed a band together aged 12, with classmates Jack Theedom (keyboards) and Will Blackaby (drums), adding to the line up along the way.

    In 2009 the band released their first album ‘Inside Your Guitar’, “a remarkable debut, a record that wraps itself around you and doesn’t let go for a solid, dream-like 40 minutes” (NME)

    Since then the band have gone on to fill their time with an array of ventures. Matthew has become the guitarist for highly influential art rock band WIRE; Paul can regularly be spotted backing jazz greats at venues ranging from Ronnie Scotts to The Savoy; Jack has even become a chef (!). Yet It Hugs Back keep finding themselves drawn to one another...in the same room...doing the same thing...for the same reason.

    In the summer of 2010, the band started to regroup more regularly in the space they like to call ‘The Record Room’ - a tiny spot in Matthew’s garage overflowing with guitars and vinyl; the band’s creative home since the very beginning. The end result being 'Laughing Party' the bands second album, released in May 2012; "An exhilarating ride sprinkled with multi-layered guitars and iridescent electronics" (Uncut)

    Recording throughout the summer of 2012 the band made there third album 'Recommended Record'. Released in May 2013 and described as "35 minutes of home studio lo-fi pysch that resembles Tame Impala with there foot down hard on the pop-hook pedal" (NME)

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